The BookKeeper
Tired of typing out those annoying bibliographies at 1:00 am in the morning after finishing your paper? The solution is here. Let BookKeeper do the referencing work for you!

What is BookKeeper?
BookKeeper is a citation tool for writing papers. It currently formats bibliographies and endnotes in the MLA style and also formats outlines. Additional styles are available as plug-ins. All you supply is the information, and BookKeeper will add in the punctuation and other details. This Java applet/program takes over menial documentation technicalities and lets you concentrate on the most important part of your paper: the content.

The BookKeeper applet is used to create formatted citations on the fly.

The BookKeeper application is downloadable and is shareware. It may be distributed freely.

What's new with BookKeeper:
APA style plugins are now available.
For those interested in writing plug-ins for customized bibliography entries, a plug-in example is now available.

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Last Update: June 2, 2005

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