The BookKeeper Applet
A Java capable browser is necessary to run BookKeeper.

What is BookKeeper?
The BookKeeper applet is a tool to generate citations on the fly. It currently formats bibliographies and endnotes in the MLA style and also formats outlines. All you supply is the information, and BookKeeper will add in the punctuation and other details. This Java applet takes over menial documentation technicalities and lets you concentrate on the most important part of your paper: the content. 

Using the BookKeeper Applet:
Press the "Launch BookKeeper" button to bring up an entries window. To create a new entry, press the plus button at the bottom of this window and the entry window will be displayed. Choose the entry type at the top of this window, fill in the fields, and press the "Create Entry" button. The formatted entry will appear in the entries window.

To insert the formatted entries into your own text document, select the desired entries, choose "Copy" from the Edit menu. Then choose "Show Clipboard" from the Edit menu. Use the brower's own copy function to copy the clipboard text (this is a workaround, since your browser won't allow applets to access the system clipboard). To preserve the styled text, set the Clipboard menu to display "HTML" and copy the HTML formatting.

Your Comments:
The BookKeeper applet is emailware. That means by using this applet, you are obligated to use some of the time BookKeeper saves you to send me an email with your suggestions for making BookKeeper the best referencing tool for papers.

Download BookKeeper:
 Is the applet too simplistic? Need additional formatting capabilities or other entry types? Download the application version of BookKeeper.

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Last Update: October 16, 2004

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