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The application version of BookKeeper, which is shareware, comes in two flavors: Java Webstart and Macintosh.
Main Application Files:

Download the Java Webstart version (240 KB) - Take a look at the Read Me file.

Download the Macintosh 2.0 beta version (380 KB) - the thirteenth beta version. Various interface improvements. Comes with APA style plugins.
Additional Files:

Download an example file.
Download the APA example file - requires the APA plugins.
Download an outline example with the brachial plexus (a network of nerves in the shoulder). View the HTML output here.

Available Plugins: (place these in the Plug-ins directory. If you're running the program directly from the .jar file, create a directory called "Plug-ins" and place the plugins inside)
APA Format - Plugins for the APA (American Psychological Association) style (each APA plugin requires the APADisplay.class and the latest version of BookKeeper, 2.0b12):
Congressional Quarterly - to create CQ researcher bibliography entries, you will need two files: CQ.class and CQPanel.class
Journal - to create Journal bibliography entries, you will need two files: Journal.class and JournalPanel.class

Need a break? Try playing Leaf or CamelControl
For Developers: BookKeeper has plugin capabilities that allow one to create customized bibliography entries.

If you are developing using Xcode, download the PluginExample project.

Also, the Java source files for the example CQ (Congressional Quarterly) and Journal plugins can be found below:

If you've created your own custom plugin, send the byte codes to, and they'll be posted on this page!
If you've found BookKeeper useful, please register by clicking on the PayPal donate button below (suggested donation is $5). With your contribution, you'll receive a registration number and help put Eugene through medical school!
Your registration number will be sent to the email address that you provide.

Thanks for supporting shareware!

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Last Update: June 2, 2005
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